Saturday, August 22, 2009

Tea at the pub

Fellow Chicago tea lovers: Just back from afternoon tea on this autumnal August afternoon (60s? really?) with the Chicago Area Tea Lovers Meetup group. The Celtic Knot Public House in Evanston puts out a fairly nice spread. The tea's average — though I liked the stout Irish Barry's — with sandwiches, scones and sweets. A fine respite for chat with (hopefully) new friends.

Fellow anywhere tea lovers: This particular meetup is organized by Lainie Petersen, the queen bee tea blogger around here. Lainie writes her own blog and regular tea reports for the Exmainer. Both are great sources of information, as well as reviews by a seasoned palate.


  1. I'm very sorry I did not go to the meeting, because I would have loved to have met you. We'll have to catch up soon, and I'll be poking around your blog a bit!


    Steven Knoerr
    The 39 Steeps

  2. Lainie the queen bee! That's so cute! I'd love to come to one of these meetups and it makes me wish I lived in Chicago somewhere. But it's too big a city for me and a bit too far from St Paul to just pop down. Oh well. Maybe someday. --Spirituality of Tea

  3. I guess, as a Brit. I usually associate pubs with pub food such as bangers and mash and mushy peas, not really with afternoon tea. The thought of afternoon tea and beer... well... shouldn't it be tea with sandwiches and scones?