Wednesday, January 26, 2011

A succulent garden — in teaware

I forget how I came across this site (did someone tweet it?) and its instructions for making a succulent garden out of teacups, but I finally tackled the project this weekend.

A trip to the neighborhood garden center — a refreshingly different experience when you have to crunch through the snow to get there — produced 7-8 tiny succulents and cacti, which I planted in spare teacups (extras, cast-offs, one of my favorites with a broken handle, a small pot missing its lid, etc.). Ideally, succulents need flawless drainage, but my drill was not up to the task of piercing porcelain; that may have to wait. Nonetheless, here's the menagerie gathered on a small lamp table in the sunroom ...


  1. A tip for drilling porcelain: don't try going through in one "bite." Drill a little bit, then hold it up to the light, mark the spot from the other side and drill again from there. Gently does it!

  2. Thomas I am impressed by your tea knowledge - given the fact that most people here think chai is what you get at starbucks coffee (chai latte????) I am from India and we live, breath and sip chai daily! I was pretty shocked by the american version of chai. Anyways - I am also a potter and a succulent fan. I have decided to make this my inspiration for my next set of pots. The best part? My chai inspired pots will have a drainage hole at the bottom so that the succulents in there can be comfortable in their new home!