Sunday, January 1, 2012

How's it hanging?

How're ya feeling this morning?

If your New Year's celebration was intense, or if you don't exactly remember, a cup of tea on the morning after is always a good prescription. It's no hangover cure in and of itself, but it couldn't hurt.

As Tallulah Bankhead (pictured, looking rather blue in black-and-white) said, “Don’t be swindled into believing there’s any cure for a hangover. I’ve tried them all: iced tomatoes, hot clam juice, brandy peaches. Like the common cold it defies solution. Time alone can say it. The hair of the dog? That way lies folly. It’s as logical as trying to put out a fire with applications of kerosene.”

That advice is on a Flavorwire list of hangover cures cited from famous writers and celebrities.

A few tea merchants occasionally market a blend as a hangover salve (this one's of note) -- and this new restorative recipe involving twig tea and plums at least sounds tasty -- but plain ol' tea is the best bet. Hydration is really the only answer, anyway, and caffeine is usually good for a headache.

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