Friday, February 24, 2012

Covet this wooden tea table

Lainie at Lainie Sips posted a nifty photo on Facebook a while back — this photo:

That's one lovely tea table. It folds up into the chest you see lower left, with beautifully carved storage shelves inside the doors, leaves for extra space and a stout stool.

Comes from this China exporter, no price listed.


  1. I have a tea desk almost exactly like it, albeit with a stool that was slightly smaller so it could fit inside the table when closed. It also came with four traditional barrel-style wooden stools for guests. I think the grand total was just under $700, but I think we got a good deal because we'd been regular customers of the shop for years and the owner was like a grandmother to our kids. They're long gone now, unfortunately..

  2. My tea table is also almost identical to this one also, but it's rosewood. Mine was purchased at New Century Tea Gallery in Seattle, and it's identical to the one at Floating Leaves, another tea shop in Seattle. Mine only came with one small stool. (Pictures: