Thursday, August 2, 2012

Tea at the London Olympics

In London for the games? (Lucky so-and-so.) Looking for tea shops or afternoon tea? I spent five days in London a couple of years ago doing nothing but tea sampling. Here's what I found:

Other Olympics-related tea tidbits:

— I've seen several tea towels for sale, each branded with various London 2012 designs. This one (pictured above) is my fave. I dig this one, too, though it's sold out. Plus, here's one for the ’48 London games.

— Since tea is an iconic British image, it shows up in odd ways among the mountain of merchandise — including these three logo lapel pins.

— Olympic officials had to adjust their doping tests when green tea was found to help cover certain steroids.

— The phrase "tea leaf" in London is slang for a thief. Who knew?

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