Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Goin' underground

A man sets up a blog to write about one of his personal passions, he hopes nights like these come along every so often. They do. The photo above is that of a cluster of fellow Chicago tea junkies, in the basement stock room of a fine Chicago tea shop, cupping teas some had been wanting to share or show off. If the first rule of Underground Tea Club is not to blog about Underground Tea Club, I'm in trouble.

I myself am a bit underground these days. Teasquared is not dead, but it is cooling for a while. I'm deep into data collection for my master's thesis — I've really taken to a lemony rooibos to keep me going at night without the caffeine — and as soon as all this work blows over in the next few weeks, I'll have something of a life again and will heat this blog back to boiling. Till then, please bear with me. Posts will be sporadic. But this fall I'll have news and a whole new outlook, literally.


  1. I actually love the idea of an underground tea club. I have a couple of friends who love tea almost as much as I do, and we have had a few wonderful tastings. We will have to organise another very soon, thanks for reminding me. Good luck with the thesis, btw. Keep it brewing.

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