Wednesday, April 1, 2009

May I pour? Welcome to teasquared

Another tea blog? Really? Indeed, I set out on already charted waters, attempting to join the flotilla of tea bloggers already in progress. But tea is all about company, yes?

Just who the hell am I? I am not a beverage industry guy. I have no real tea business ambitions. I'm a writer, critic and a newspaper editor (see, I like Old World things ...) who somehow discovered, once upon a time, that I was energized and invigorated by a cuppa tea instead of inky offerings from the smoldering coffee pot that is the standard in my profession. I explored, I got hooked. And because I seem to be allergic to free time, I'm starting this blog. Like so many other hopeless souls, I have blogged my personal life for friends and family for many years. They no doubt rejoiced when I slacked off the self-indulgence. Someday I'll get back to writing about music, but for now, well, drink it in.

A manifesto, of sorts: This blog is experiential more than it is informational. I'm not here to report on the tea industry or write tasting notes on every new tea that emerges. I'll certainly natter on about the stuff that knocks me out, but this is not a source of the Next Big Thing in Tea. Unless I accidentally stumble on it. I simply enjoy the experience of tea, of sitting with friends and letting the liquor work its magic between us, or merely savoring the flavor of distant soil in my own meditative moments. I like the culture surrounding it, the people involved, the art created and the books written and the songs composed about it. I relish the seemingly endless process of discovery once one plunges down this particular rabbit hole. The world may be your oyster, but it's in my teacup. Every friggin' day.

So, come into my parlor, said the flyer to the spy. Drop by anytime. Door's always open and the kettle's always on.

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