Sunday, March 13, 2011

More tea cocktails

In contrast to my previous post about the poetry of tea temperance, here are a few notes about tea cocktails:

• Absolut Vodka, I'm pleased to see, has maintained its interest in tea infusions. I wrote a while back about the temporary and regional issue of Absolut Boston, a vodka flavored with black tea and elderflower. The Swedes have gone international with those flavors now plus a few more. Absolut Wild Tea keeps the tea and elderflower and adds apple and citrus. Bring on the cocktail recipes!

• In fact, here's one. Punches are all the rage in the world of mixology this season, and Lainie Sips recently posted a delicious-sounding punch recipe that utilizes Absolut Wild Tea underneath some oolong and gin (which almost always pair nicely). Book your spring party now.

• I tried a jerry-rigged version of this New York magazine "marTEAni" recipe recently. Without the time to make the Earl Grey-infused Tanqueray, I simply combined a bit of leftover, cold Earl Grey with another brand of gin on-hand. The two marteanis were still fabulous. I think.

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