Sunday, October 9, 2011

Geek stuff round-up: 'Star Trek,' robots and physics

A cluster of nifty tea accessories has collected in my in-box and bookmarks, results from semi-regular surfing for new, cool stuff. Here are some of my favorites:

Picard's tea cup
Over at Make, someone has posted three-dimensional models of the tea cup magically replicated for Capt. Jean-luc Picard in the series "Star Trek: The Next Generation." If you "make it so," it comes out like this ...

Robot infuser
On a perhaps related sci-fi note, a crafty artisan created these cute robot tea infusers, available here (update: actually, no, they're sold out for now, but you can contact the artist to request more). Yes, those arms are adjustable.

Beverage braces
I can't imagine who, other than stunt pilots and acrobats, might require this cup holder, but here 'tis nonetheless. Watch this video for a demonstration of centrifugal force as well as a crazy, no-spill tea/coffee gadget for those literally on the move ...

Extra, extra
The New York Times had a brief piece recently about Barbara Barry, an L.A. interior designer who's into tea and has created a couple of her own blends. Along the way, she mentions some intriguing accessories, including the fantastic strainer (she's holding it in the photo — it'll take a second look, believe me) as well as spoons, porcelain sets and Japanese tea ware.

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