Thursday, May 21, 2009

How much is "all the tea in China"?

We might want to start saving pennies in a teapot. Rough weather around the globe has brought woe to the tea industry in several key growing regions. India, Kenya and Sri Lanka have suffered droughts for six months now that have cut production by anywhere from 12 to 41 percent. Thus, prices are expected to bump up 10 to 20 percent by the end of this year.

This news report, however, from Asian News International, speaks of a boom for Indian tea exports, saying that even though production has been hurt a bit demand continues to rise around the world …

The thing for us to watch out for is this: “As price of tea leaves rise, the tea vendors are forced to compromise on quality.” When buying, ask lots of questions. Where did it come from? When? etc. You’ve every right to know, and I’d be wary of any seller who gets snooty in the face of questioning.

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