Sunday, January 3, 2010

New year tea resolutions

Happy new year, all! Here's hoping your new calendar turned on as hedonistic and slothful a note as ours did. We had a nice, long weekend of cooking and take-out (stew and yakisoba), breads and baking (monkey bread and a cherry upside-down cake!), drinks and debauchery (Washington state syrah and midnight muscato), all six "Thin Man" films and plenty of awesome tea. I broke in my new yixing pot with a hunk of a simple pu-erh — a beautiful square brick that brews up dark, hearty and with a beautiful color, at once gold and crimson. My fave.

Some tea resolutions for 2010?

  1. I've always been lazy about brewing times, and I pay the price for it fairly often. I've tried various tea-timer iPhone apps, but I'm settling with the Clock feature's basic stopwatch. (Though I confess: I like the My Tea Timer app, which allows you to program favorites with a name and a certain steeping time, like "S pu-erh, 2nd steep," etc.)
  2. I need to hone my gongfu skills. Tea service, that is, not martial arts.
  3. As I close in on a year here at t2, I plan to make this experience a bit more ... holistic. More tweeting, more Steeping, hopefully more video. All the usual hopes of a blogger with a full-time day job. Sigh. I keep drinking green tea in hopes I'll sweat money, but alas.

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