Friday, January 8, 2010

Pining for a cuppa Twinings?

On my desk today: a tea cup ... with the Twinings logo ... and the autograph of Stephen Twining, 10th generation of the famous British tea dynasty. A lovely surprise! t2 reader Adam M. (that's his mother posing with Stephen, above) happened upon Stephen signing swag last week at Epcot Center, in the tea shop within the London area.

"After dinner, Mom - the Salada drinker - wanted to stop at the tea shop in London in the countries. It's the one place she always hits when she goes .... This year they had artisans in a few of the countries, and Stephen Twining was the guy in London. He had a bunch of tea girls lining up the stuff to sign and others giving out samples of Twinings. Which got my mother all excited."

Twining is a cheerful sort, very knowledgeable about the family biz, with an excellent idea of what makes a great tea day. I've always enjoyed Twinings' English Afternoon blend, brighter and livelier than a breakfast blend. Would love to share a pot with him someday. Here he is talking tea ...

Thanks, Adam!

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