Wednesday, April 7, 2010

@twettle: Your water is ready!

OK, I know I just posted this morning about my desire for a camping Kelly Kettle. But scratch that. My next kettle (says the tweeting tea blogger) will most assuredly be the Twettle.

That's right. A tweeting tea kettle.

According to Gizmodo: "This smartly-designed kettle, which tweets via Wi-Fi, will alert you when it's boiling. Designed by Ben Perman and Murat Multu, it also records details on how many times it boils each week, and just how much water you've boiled up."

But wait — it doesn't exist yet! "The designers are looking for an investment of $500,000 to get the $115 kettles onto the production line."

If this sounds too hilarious to be true, please to enjoy the lengthy explanation by Multu of how such a wacky idea came into their heads. A clue: It started in a vodka bar!
(thanks, Misha!)

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