Saturday, March 12, 2011

A lull in a Japanese China shop

Like other tea folks, we've been watching the news, incredible photos and scary video from the earthquake aftermath in Japan with great sadness. The one person I know in Japan ... was in New Orleans when the quake hit (his family back in Japan is safe, whew). This photo, however, of a Tokyo ceramics shop owner assessing the damage — dig those beautiful tea bowls — especially hurt ...

On a lighter note, New York Post travel editor David Landsel has been tweeting from inside Tokyo DisneySea, where 30,000 visitors who remain trapped in the parks have been treated to tea, cookies, chocolates and pork buns, he said. "What a bizarre (and wonderful) place to be trapped!" he wrote.

Want to donate to or help the recovery? Some suggestions and links. There's also this group.

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