Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Japan goes Gaga over Lady's tea cup

If you were in the wealthiest 1 percent, what crazy celebrity trinkets would you bid on at auctions?

Someone this week paid $75,137.50 for a tea cup. Three months after the tsunami last year in Japan, pop star Lady Gaga was seen on Japanese TV sipping from this tea cup. The final sale includes the cup — which has "We pray for Japan" inscribed on its side in Japanese — complete with the Lady's lipstick marks

That was the second-highest bid at the auction. The most expensive sale was $137,900 for a crystal piano used by Yoshiki from the popular prog-metal band Japan X. (They're great. I interviewed Yoshiki once, and saw them at Lollapalooza.)

Proceeds from the auction benefit the Tomodachi Arts Fellowship Program, which helps Japanese art students study in the United States.

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