Sunday, June 28, 2009

Tea adds life

A little while back, I mentioned that Coca-Cola has released — in Japan only — a new green tea-flavored Coke. Well, I went looking for a bottle. Had no luck through official Coke channels, but God bless eBay. Ten bucks and as many days later, one small bottle of the stuff was on my kitchen counter ...

The tea taste, if it's there at all, is very subtle. In a glass, it smells exactly like regular Coke. The overall taste is largely the same, too, just ... cleaner, fresher, a crisper finish around the edges. I kept coming back to the word "fresh," which is not one I've ever used in describing Coca-Cola, I can assure you. I'm tempted to add that the rum I splashed in the last of it perked up, too, but that's probably just the rum itself talking.

Be on the lookout for an American launch later?

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