Thursday, June 18, 2009

Tea time with Tanya

Tanya, dahling — the mug is finally in my tea cabinet, where it belongs. It's beautiful, and I plan to baptize it tomorrow morning. Thanks, and a thousand times thanks.

Tanya, dear readers, is an old friend. Way back. Mardi Gras madness together, nights at Pink's drowning various sorrows, husband Mitch and I foolishly studied the craft of journalism together. After all that, Ms. Tanya found herself an artistic streak, and nowadays spends time at the IAO Gallery making pots and mugs and pitchers and such. It's all very Demi Moore in "Ghost," though I'm guessing with significantly better music.

She's sent wonders from her wheel before — a nifty milk pitcher, two other cups come to mind — but recently she mailed a new mug. I say "recently." She mailed it back in April, to our former address. It sat underneath the mailboxes in that building for nearly two months before an intrepid resident took it upon herself to find us. Long story short, I picked it up from her yesterday. And a bonus: This gal plays in a local band. Might write about her.

It's a beautiful dark blue, spotted with pretty lined, tan dots, each with some blue cloudy stuff underneath. They look like little wet Jupiters, or bearded Saturns. The handle's great, perfectly balanced. The inside of the mug is cream-colored, so it's great for appreciating the color of tea. I just love it. Tanya, alas, has no Web site that I know of. Readers should email me if they want hooked up to her claymation nation.

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  1. That intrepid resident is going to receive a thank you gift. It's well deserved.

    Glad you like the mug! All the best, Tanya (who plans on starting an art blog very soon. Like I need another distraction.)