Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Europe: Lomonosov poreclain

Like I wasn't going to buy one. As our ship nestled the dock in St. Petersburg a couple of weeks ago, I succumbed to a lifelong urge to buy a Lomonosov teapot. If it was good for Peter the Great, by czar, it's good enough for tea cabinet.

Among Peter's many projects designed to lift Russia out of the Middle Ages and make it a European country was his desire to create original Russian porcelain. In 1744, his daughter, Queen Yelizaveta, realized that dream by establishing the Imperial Porcelain Factory "to serve the cause of national industry and art." The Russian china produced was — and remains — very high quality.

This cobalt net design with hand-painted gold leaf is their trademark pattern. I'm thrilled to add this pot and some cups to my stash, and I've already christened it with some Kusmi Russian Morning ...


  1. Very nice. I didn't know Russia made such porcelain ware. The net design is unique.

  2. I'm very impressed that you got your new teapot back in one piece!

  3. Oh, you are lucky. I've seen, and drooled over, pictures of these. Maybe I'll get one myself some day...