Monday, June 14, 2010

Tea before Glastonbury?

Given all the twists on afternoon tea I recently explored in London, it figures I was too early for a new one — although this sounds a bit cutesy for even my rock ’n’ roll tastes.

The Metropolitan there has a new themed tea: Fes-Tea-Val De-Light. The dreadful PR copy promises a way "to experience the famous summer festivals in London without getting stuck in the bloody English rain (and mud)" ... by having tea at their hotel. What makes it so rockin', I hear you cry? "Glastonbury mud pies," "healthy cookies shaped like Wellies and umbrellas" and "cupcakes adorned with guitars and tents." Not to be outdone by the gin tea or the whiskey tea, the Metro throws in a little tequila here, too.

British summer music festival season starts soon: Glastonbury is June 23-27.

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