Sunday, June 27, 2010

Iced tea with lemon — or limoncello

Sam at Chicago's Tea Gschwendner was right. He suggested this during a tasting last summer, but I'm only now taking him up on it. With lilies and perspiration beads blooming around here, I have turned my tea consumption from the stove and more toward the icebox. And I remembered his tip: TG's North Indian Manjhee Valley makes an excellent iced tea. Ain't no lie. Brew a concentration of it, add to a pitcher was ice and an equal volume or two of water, chill. Top with a slightly muddled lemon slice, and that's good summer tea drinkin', folks.

If you really want to get your iced tea 'n' lemon on, make it an adult beverage. Top a tumbler of iced tea not just with fresh lemon but a jigger or two of limoncello (which is easy to make at home). It's an idea from the Stellina Cafe in St. Louis.

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