Thursday, July 2, 2009

Moby's tea shop got a little too hot

Moby's new album, "Wait for Me," is out this week — and, whew!, it doesn't suck. But here's a factoid I noticed in a Moby article somewhere: dude owns a tea company.

It's called Teany Tea — a veggie/vegan-friendly teahouse in NYC's Lower East Side. He opened it in 2002 with ex-girlfriend Kelly Tisdale. According to another article, the two were looking for something to cure their hangover headaches and decided a comfy tea shop would be just the thing. They even have a line of bottled iced teas with flavors such as Green Tea With Ginseng, Vanilla Berry Hibiscus and Herbal Citrus Cooler. The slogan: "100 percent natural, 100 percent nice."

It figures I'd discover this right now — since the place was destroyed in a fire just a couple of weeks ago. The Teany site currently displays only this undated message: "Sorry! the teany cafe and the teany web store are temporariliy closed due to a small fire in the restaurant." Moby's blog reports: "Apparently Kelly is working hard to repair it and get it re-opened. So there’s a good chance that Teany will re-open at some point in the next month or two."

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