Tuesday, July 7, 2009


The self-proclaimed King of Pop, Michael Jackson, is being celebrated today in a jam-packed memorial service in L.A. We at teasquared were always fair-weather fans of Michael. He never sounded happier nor more himself than he did on the exuberant album "Off the Wall." After that, he had his moments, but he talked a better game than he played. It was sad watching him disintegrate, literally and figuratively.

How can we possibly connect this subject to tea, I hear you cry? Earlier this year, as yet another sell-off to help pay the bills, Jackson auctioned off some of his collectibles from Neverland. That lot included the following tea kettle, designed like a train engine, complete with moving wheels. It was listed between $100 and $200, and I can't find a record of whether or not it sold ...

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  1. That's a cute teapot. It would sell for a lot more now probably after he's died so young. When celebrities die their memorabilia suddenly skyrockets in value. I wonder why he wanted this train instead of some other kind of teapot.