Thursday, July 9, 2009

Thinking outside the cup

Here we are, yakking about tea because we love to drink it. But there are other things we can do with tea besides drinking it. This nifty list (via Bigelow) runs down 20 non-drinking uses for tea. I can attest to a few of them:
  • The razor burn thing? Works. Found that out one morning nursing some scrapes over breakfast. I thought, hmmm, helps puffy eyes and all that, and there's a cold wet tea bag on the table. Used it as a cold compress, and the razor-burned skin went ahhhhhhh.
  • I've used tea in composting before, too. It's good green material. This is different, of course, from compost tea.
  • Deviled eggs are pretty wicked looking when boiled in tea, then cooled in cracked shells. I've had them come out looking like marble, or tweed.

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