Sunday, July 12, 2009

The Obamas' Russian tea tour

Last week, during his visit to Russia, President Obama sat down with Vladimir Putin on the Russian prime minister's terrace for tea, complete with a big Russian samovar. The menu included eggs with caviar and sour cream, quail-stuffed dumplings and pancakes with cranberry sauce. Dig the thuggish former KGB spy here sipping from a dainty floral cup ...

Early in the week, Michelle Obama and the first daughters had an informal tour of the Kremlin, where they had tea in the Winter Garden.

How badly would you love to taste the quality and robust tea served in those Russian halls of power?


  1. Yeah, when Putin is asked one lump or two I wonder if he hesitates for a moment before answering.

  2. It's true: the Russians buy up most of the finest tea on the world markets for their own use. They're great tea lovers and want the good stuff. --Jason