Thursday, September 17, 2009

The owls can't see you having tea

First, "Twin Peaks" was one of my favorite shows. Until it amounted to nothing at the end. My clenched fist still has a date with David Lynch's prodigious jaw.

Second, my favorite character was the Log Lady. For some reason, I just remembered the scene in which she makes tea for the lawmen, from the "Cooper's Dreams" episode. In it, she delivers a killer line that's resonated with me for years: "Tea first. Then be ready." Civilized discourse, my friends: take time for the tea, then I'll tell you the big news. (Someone even named their tea company after the line.)

Third, this is the Internet, where everything is available and easily embeddable. I can't imagine who would want to watch an entire episode of "Twin Peaks" on my lil' tea blog, but here it is. The scene starts around 27:30, line at 30 minutes even ...


  1. Oh man, your fist and my fist both. Then there was the issue of my friend's husband who told us that the film 'Fire Walk with Me' would provide 'resolution.' What a lie that was. 18 months later I still haven't recovered.

    I do love the Log Lady though. Sage advice.

  2. Maddening, wasn't it? I remember walking into the theater, thinking, "OK, this will make it all better." And then nearly walking out. It actually made things worse. Sigh. But Lynch loves his tea ...