Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Tuesday tea tunes: 'Feelng calm and crisp and strong'

From Donald Fagen's second solo album, the closer. If I am ever fortunate enough to own my own teahouse one day, I hope hot players want to hang around with their flat hats and their axes.

(Note: Imeem is frustrating sometimes, in that the song above on their site is the full six-minute version — and, alas, it's the only one available — but the embed code only brings in a 30-second sample. The damned music industry on the Internet. They're never going to get it.)

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  1. I've added this song to my tea collection too. It has a nice Steely Dan-like sound to it and I like that. It's also good that it's new and different, which pleases me about most of my tea songs. However, I prefer the songs that are more about drinking tea and not just incidentally related. --Teaternity