Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Tuesday tea tunes: Tea at the Drake

I've been meaning to try some black tea, possibly pu-erh, with salt and butter. As I read through The True History of Tea, I was fascinated by the consistent mention of this method of taking tea throughout ancient Asia. Sounds a bit gnarly, but a few billion Chinese people can't be wrong.

Until then, Nick Drake mentions butter tea in this rarity ...

Black Mountain Blues - Nick Drake


  1. And if you can get rancid yak butter, all the butter, because that's the very best. Or so I'm told.

    Thanks again for the great blog and your writing at the Sun-Times.

  2. This song that mentions tea is good to know. However, I'm not going to buy it to add to my tea music collection. That's because the lyrics are too tough for me. But I'm always looking for good tea songs. --Spirituality of Tea